A phenomenal sales day at Millerson Redruth

Fri 22 Apr 2016

The last week in March was extremely busy for our Redruth sales team - reaching a peak on Wednesday with contracts exchanged on six separate properties in a few short hours. Several of those properties completed the sale at the same time contracts were exchanged.

This massive hike in activity was partially due to a 3% rise in stamp duty on second homes and buy to let properties, which came into effect on April 1st. 

The team settled 7 sales during the week, six of those on Wednesday. They involved a variety of premises and prices in locations all over the town and its outskirts. They sold apartments, a new build and a town house, ranging in price from £80,000 to £350,000. The total value of property sold was in excess £1.3 million. 

Manager of the Redruth office, Matthew Dawes, said: “The phone just didn’t stop ringing, every time it rang we’d guess which property had exchanged contracts.  Some solicitors even completed on more than one property during the day. It was a busy few hours but extremely exciting and satisfying.  I would personally like to thank each member of staff for their extremely hard work.”

Jeremy Miller, Senior Partner, said: “What amazing results, although that’s only to be expected - Redruth’s sales department is particularly productive and extremely successful. We’re very proud of them all.”


The team of three, Matthew, Negotiator, Gail Daddow and office Administrator, Sue Dodson, are planning a celebration to toast their success and they’re looking for more properties to sell.