Great customer service and value for money wins awards for Redruth lettings team

Fri 27 May 2016

The Redruth-based mid Cornwall lettings team was the big winner at our annual awards ceremony.

The team was named top performing lettings office, lettings office most over target and lettings office earning the most in management fees.

Branch Manager, Jason Smith, put this success down to the team’s ability to deal tactfully with sensitive situations, earn a client’s trust and strive to provide outstanding customer service and great value for money.

He said: “Customer service is at the core of what we do. Our goal is to ensure tenants and landlords are kept informed and aim to earn their trust. Sometimes there are tough conversations to be had. We don’t shy away from them but try to be empathetic. We also like to ensure that tenants feel they have a voice and landlords feel confident. We’ve worked hard for this result and are proud of our achievements.”

Katie Law, Business Development Manager, said: “Mid Cornwall has an extremely buoyant rental market, there is huge demand for property and competition is fierce. This team has performed outstandingly well all year and deserves the recognition.”

As a leading agency and major employer in the county, we hold an annual awards ceremony to congratulate and motivate staff. To mark the achievement, the Redruth team was presented with a shield for each of their three awards by Partner, Heather Miller.