How do you know who to trust?

Tue 23 May 2017

In the past, estate agents, and indeed people from all professions, would rely on word of mouth to spread the news of their reputation and performance.  Although the term ‘brand loyalty’ was yet to be coined, the concept behind it was already firmly established and customers would remain faithful to one service provider for many years.  Fast forward to the present day and things are now very different.  The idea of staying with one professional or company ‘because you’ve always used them’ has become outdated and consumers are positively encouraged to shop around. Competition in every area of commerce is fierce, with over-crowded market places and many companies vying for business. 

Finding the right professional to do a job for you can be a minefield. There are a whole host of different sources to help you gain insights and information: websites, social media, comparison websites, portals and newspapers to name but a few.  Within these, a key source of information is held in the testimonials sections.  However, I don’t know about you, but I always read these with a degree of scepticism, especially if they are all glowing and hosted on the company’s own site with no level of independence.  That is why, at Millerson, we have teamed up with Feefo, an independent review company who are a Google partner.  Feefo reviews, both good and not so good, are published directly onto our website, and the Feefo site, without any interference from us.  In this way, our clients, both current and potential, can see exactly what our customers have said about us, safe in the knowledge that their comments have not been edited by us.  We are, of course, delighted that the vast majority of our reviews are excellent, indeed at the time of writing we have an average score of 4.7 / 5, but if someone has not been so happy with our service, visitors to the Feefo site can read about this and see how we have responded to any issues. 

Independent reviews are another tool in the consumer’s toolkit and an additional way for good professionals to spread the news of their service.  It’s no longer who you know, but what you know, that counts.



Jeremy Miller, Operations Partner at Millerson.