Millerson supports 'Compassion UK'

Mon 26 Feb 2018

Millerson is pleased to be supporting Denise Pascoe, a long-established client, who is embarking on a project to complete a 26-mile hike in Kenya in June, to raise funds and awareness for 'Compassion UK'.

This is what Denise has to say about her challenge:

"In a world where a child dies from poverty-related causes every three seconds, it's so easy to feel there is nothing we can do. That someone like me, a woman of almost 65 years of age, recently retired, is too old, too feeble, and has nothing left to give!

Well, how wrong I was... I read about Compassion several years ago; the fact that you can change the world one child at a time, I already sponsor two children, one in Bolivia an one in Ghana and my church is sponsoring another in Kenya (photo below).

I thought I could do more, so in June this year, 2018, I am going to Kenya to do a 42km (26 miles) walk which hopefully will help at least 10 children in health and welfare, education and Christian upbringing. And will also provide Solar Powered energy for the village to become self-sustaining. 

To donate or sponsor please go to the Compassion UK Website or go to a search engine and put in Compassion Challenges Denise Pascoe or

We wish Denise every success with her training and for the event itself.