Mon 25 Sep 2017


One of the most important factors to consider when selling your home is its presentation before the viewing.  I’m sure that many of you have seen the property programmes, and whilst these make entertaining viewing, the one overriding point that they all put across is how important the presentation of your home is to achieving the desired result; a buyer for your home who will proceed at the right price and within a reasonable timescale.   Try to detach yourself from your property.  You are wanting to sell and therefore emotions need to be put aside. Look at your property through buyers’ eyes!

A term sometimes used by estate agents is ‘praise sandwich’, describing the fact that viewers will remember the first and the last parts of their visit whilst the middle of the experience will fade away. The first impression can be the most important as this will influence the viewer’s mindset for the rest of the visit. Should there be lawn at the front ensure that it is mowed. Should it be a driveway or gravelled area ensure that the weeds are picked and the pathway is clear of obstacles. Ensure all entrances are light, bright and welcoming.  Clear away shoes and coats and, if it is a dull day, put the light on. When the viewer leaves the property, the memory of these areas will also something that they will take away with them.

On the morning of the viewing be sure to air the house, but not to the point where it is cold. The optimum temperature for human beings to be happy is 16 degrees. Any higher and it begins to get to hot and the blood flow slows therefore making them feel tired, any colder and they will lose interest, with their only thought being how to warm up.

The kitchen is the most important room of the house! Surveys have shown that if you live in a house for 10 years then, 63% of waking time during the 10 years is spent in the kitchen. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all work surfaces are clear of clutter and day to day utensils. Hide them away in a cupboard.  Create the feeling of space.  Ensure that washing up is put away and that tea towels are not hanging on door handles.  A clean washed floor will count for so much. If you have pets, tuck away the food and water bowls to avoid the embarrassment of someone knocking them over.  

In the bedrooms, make sure that the curtains are wide open, all beds are made and the rooms are clutter free; do not leave clothes hanging on doors or wardrobes. There is nothing more off-putting for a viewer than seeing dirty clothes left on the floor or to walk into a bedroom with the curtains closed.

Outside space is now at a premium so ensure the garden is shown off to its best.  Make certain that the lawn is mowed and flowerbeds turned over and weeded.

In addition to ensuring that your property is well presented it is also advisable to start the process of becoming legally prepared.  Although this procedure often does not begin until an offer is accepted, if a solicitor has a head start on producing the contract pack they are able to sort out any potential issues at the outset which otherwise might cause delay or even a fall through of the sale further down the line. Prior to placing your home onto the market, it is advisable to speak to your solicitor or, if you don’t have one, ask your estate agent to recommend a good local conveyancer who can start work on your contract. 

Preparation and presentation are the keys, and little bit of short term pain in respect of presenting your property, could make the difference between selling for the optimum amount or not!!

Should you be looking to sell your home contact your local Millerson office for your free valuation and our guide to selling your home. The Miller family have been selling homes throughout Cornwall for over 85 years. Think Property……Think Millerson!