The Importance of Teamwork

Mon 10 Apr 2017

‘Google’ ‘How to build an effective team’ you will be presented with a whole host of ideas and advice from across the globe about the best way to work together as a group.  From 5 step plans through ‘10 tips for better teamwork’ to ‘The 12 Cs for Team Building’ there is no shortage of experts who are ready and waiting to guide you to teamwork utopia.  However, when you analyse these different methods, it becomes clear that there are some common themes running through every plan. Prominent among these, and in my opinion most crucially, are two main ideas.  Firstly, is the importance of building effective relationships between team members and creating an environment of mutual trust and respect.  The better the team know each other, the more effective they will be at harnessing their strengths and supporting each other and, ultimately, their customers. Secondly, is the need for each team member to understand their role and how to achieve this.

Armed with this knowledge, and applying it here at Millerson Penzance I can see why we are such an effective team.  Between us we have nearly thirty-five years’ experience in estate agency and for some of that time our we have worked with each other in various firms across Penzance.  We have seen the full range of market conditions, from boom to recession and everything in between. This means that we all know how we each work in different circumstances and can support and enhance the service that we each provide for our customers. 

However, the foundations of our team go much deeper than just our working environment, because we also share a deep love and knowledge of where we live.   My Cornish roots can be traced back more than four generations, indeed, just like my Gran on my Father’s side of the Family, I would describe myself as Cornish first and British second.  Tracey Pilkerton, our administrator, is also Cornish born and bred and, although officially an ‘emmet’, having been born out of the county, our negotiator Jess King has lived here since she was a child. Ellie, whom we extend a big welcome to as our newest team member, has long standing Cornish roots within the Marazion area. This extensive local knowledge means that we have a clear understanding of the local market and can use this to provide our clients with clear, informed advice.  We all understand what needs to be done to sell a house and we work together effectively to achieve this. 

I feel very lucky to be leading such an experienced and cohesive team and, in going forward, am confident that we have the winning formula when it comes to selling houses in the Penzance area.


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