The value of village life - by Central and South East Lettings Manager, Jules Harrison

Fri 27 May 2016

There’s little more ‘English’ than a vibrant village community. On the surface a tranquil collection of cottages, maybe set around a village green, a church or a pub - but in reality full of activity, interest and inspiring a sense of belonging.

We’re finding an increasing demand for village properties to let in the Central and South East region of Cornwall, both coastal and moorland.

Particularly popular at the moment is the village of Mount, near Bodmin. Surrounded by the stark rural scenery of Bodmin Moor it’s a lively village with lots of clubs - gardening, pilates, table tennis, Young Farmers, and a snooker shack. But perhaps its greatest asset is the Community Interest Company, a not for profit business established to benefit animals, the environment and the residents. Open every Friday it sells fresh and seasonal local fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy produce, cakes, preserves and handicrafts and serves, tea, coffee, breakfast, light lunches and snacks. It gives the villagers a focus and an ideal place to meet, catch up and be a part of the community.

Another sought after spot is St Ewe. It’s a thriving community not far from the beaches and cliff tops of the south coast and boasts a diverse selection of activities from a 50 year old gardening club with a packed programme of activities and events, to regular quiz nights at the village pub. Alongside the clubs suited to satisfy different tastes, there are several annual events for which the village joins forces and enjoys together - including the village fete in July, the County Fair in August and the fireworks display in November.

I think the appeal of places like these is getting away from the hustle of the town, the traffic and the anonymity. Community spirit in villages is growing and getting stronger.