Traditional methods of choosing a new home still the most popular

Wed 07 Sep 2016

Consumer organisation ‘Which?’ has confirmed that, despite the growing emergence of online property agents, the majority of purchasers still use traditional methods to find their new home. Fewer than four in ten home movers end up buying a property they found on a portal. 

Research has shown that among 2,000 recent home movers, 55% used traditional methods - such as looking in an estate agent’s window or local paper, or spotting a ‘For Sale’ board - in preference to more modern methods.

Just 37% had discovered their new home by searching a property portal. A further 6% did so via an automated email from a portal and 2% found their new home via a smartphone app notification.

Jeremy Miller, Operations Partner, was not surprised by this result. “Online methods of presenting properties provide a useful starting point for buyers, but there is no substitute for working with an experienced local professional who has in-depth knowledge of the area and the properties available. A good estate agent will get to know the potential buyers and match them to possible properties more effectively than a computer can,” explained Jeremy. 

“You would be amazed by how many people end up buying a property which is quite different from their original specification. It’s our job to use our experience and knowledge to help to guide them to their perfect property”.

First-time buyers, despite their younger age group, were even more unlikely to find a home on a portal - with 60% choosing to use traditional methods. “Buying a house can be an extremely daunting experience and particularly the first time you do it,” said Jeremy. “For inexperienced house buyers, the support of an experienced agent is essential to help guide them through the confusing world of property transactions.”