Buying your home

1. Quality Property Details to give you the information you need

Estate agency has changed dramatically over the last decade. The growth of the internet and the adoption of other technologies into the industry has revolutionised the way property is sold. 

2. A Personal service to help you through the process

There is no substitute for the personal touch and we appreciate how difficult it can be to find your ideal home, especially if you are moving to a new area and with all the challenges that brings. 

With our experienced  teams we are able to give you the personal service to help you through the process and take the time to get to know your requirements. That is why we try and accompany your viewings and ask you for your detailed feedback.

Based on your requirements and your feedback, we will also suggest specific properties that we think could be perfect for you. 

These could include homes that are hot off the press, as well as some that you might have previously dismissed for various reasons. Some properties, for example, may have slipped your notice because they were not photogenic and yet have qualities that we believe may make them the ideal home for you.

3. How can you be sure you're paying the right price?

It is very difficult, even for property professionals, to value individual homes and that is why we have devised a detailed 3 method valuation system allowing us to judge this price more accurately. By using our detailed feedback scores we are constantly tracking and reviewing the market price. So, if you think one of our properties is too expensive - tell us, we want to know!