Offer To Completion

1. Making your offer

When you make an offer for your property, we want to increase your chances of a successful outcome, so we'll double check your contact details and have a chat with you about the offer. We’ll ask you things like how much you’d like to offer, how you’ve arrived at that figure, what timescale you’re working towards and how you intend to fund the purchase (we’ll want to talk to your financial advisor to get an update on your mortgage situation ).

We’ll also ask you if there’s a chain involved and if so, we’ll need to speak with your estate agent to get all the relevant details.

It might seem that we’re asking you a lot of questions, but we do this so that when we talk to the seller we can put your offer in the best possible light and give them all the information they need to make a decision.

All offers will be confirmed to you in writing, whether successful or not.

2. Your Offer has been accepted

When all parties have supplied their solicitor details we’ll write to everyone outlining the agreement of the sale and any relevant information e.g. timescale to exchange. 

3. Chasing progress to keep your purchase on track

Once the sale has been agreed, a period of sales progressing is entered into, whereby we liaise with other agents in the chain, both sets of solicitors and you to ensure that all is moving towards exchange of contracts. We talk to the other agents as usually they are our only contact with other buyers in the chain and we need to know that surveys are being done and all legal work is progressing well for all parties.

As agents, we have a better understanding of the sale process and can chase surveys/mortgage offers and make sure contracts have been sent out and queries answered. We can usually smooth over any hiccups that arise during this process and we’ll update you at least weekly and more frequently if something important happens. Meanwhile, please feel free to call us if you're unsure about anything.

4. Exchanging contracts

At exchange, the transaction becomes legally binding and you can be assured your move is certain and your stresses are over. Your solicitor will notify us of the completion date and we will then call you and congratulate you!

Letters are sent to you confirming the exchange,and date for completion.

5. Completing your Purchase

This is the day that you can finally collect the keys for your new home! Once all the monies have been received by the seller's solictor they will call us and authorise us to release the keys to you. We'll then call you to let you know that you can pop into the office for them. Due to the nature of the banking system, completion can take place at any time during the day, but usually around early afternoon.