Selling With Millerson

Why Millerson?

1. A level of outstanding communication and personal service means you might even enjoy the experience!

Estate agency has changed dramatically over the last decade. The growth of the internet and the adoption of other technologies into the industry has revolutionised the way that property is sold. But whilst these are important tools,we also believe personal service is paramount

With floor plans on all our brochures and on the internet, we make it easy for buyers to find your property, 24/7, anywhere in the world. We’ve come a long way from photocopied details with stick-on photos!

As mundane administrative tasks have become computerised, rather than reduce staff numbers, we have focused on the personal side of the process, improving service levels far beyond the norm for estate agency. Over 90% of our viewings are accompanied by a team member, with detailed feedback given to you within 48 hours. This is in addition to regular telephone and written communication.

2. Valuation advice that you can completely trust

We appreciate that, for most people, your property is not just your home but also the largest single investment you have and therefore getting the most out of this asset is important. Clearly, there is a balance between the speed of your sale and the price you achieve. Historically speaking, valuing your home has been considered an art, with most valuers just using experience and intuition.

So how do you know they have got it right? Unfortunately you don't. You may well have your own expectations, but are they realistic for the current market? Pricing it too high could lead to your home being on the market longer than necessary and achieving a lower price, whereas under valuing might achieve a quick sale, but could leave you tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Millerson, with almost 3 generations of valuing homes in this area, combining both the art and science elements of valuation with experience and now data from many historic sales, to give you a more accurate and reliable figure. Not only do we measure the accuracy of our valuations, but we are constantly monitoring what the market is telling us about the price of your home, which we then report back to you. This gives you the reassurance of knowing the correct price for your home in an ever changing market.

3. Better qualified buyers means much greater chance your sale will complete

We work hard to ensure that your property is constantly being presented in the best possible way to good quality prospective buyers and we encourage viewings from those buyers at every opportunity. In fact, a tremendous amount of effort, that's always going on in the background and that you’re probably not aware of, goes into finding you a buyer. By following proven systems and reacting quickly to changes in the market, we can make sure that you always have the best chance of selling. This goes for dealing with your buyers too, as we only want to introduce the best purchasers to your home, thus reducing the risk of a sale collapsing once it’s been agreed.

Marketing your property

1. Getting the process underway for you

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, as with everything, there’s paperwork involved! You’ll need to sign our Terms of Engagement, which sets out our fee and other terms and conditions. Then to comply with the Money Laundering Act, we need to take a copy of some ID, such as a passport and utility bill. We’ll also go through a short form asking you further questions, which will help us to understand your property even more thoroughly and answer any queries that prospective buyers might have.

Although the Government has now scrapped Home Information Packs, you will still need to have an Energy Performance Certificate, giving your property a rating from A - G for both energy efficiency and environmental impact.

2. A Home Condition Report may be worthwhile

You may also want to consider paying for a Home Condition Report (HCR). The HCR is designed to be a mid-range survey, similar to the current Homebuyer Survey & Valuation and is written in Plain English. Being able to provide potential buyers with this independently produced document up front will substantially reduce any chance of price re-negotiations, or worse still, offer withdrawals during the sale process as a result of unexpected survey issues. The small price of the survey would be covered many times over if you had to do any remedial work or reduce the price of your home to save a sale! In addition, creating more certainty in the moving process reduces stress and gives greater confidence both to you and to your buyer.

3. Creating your property details

Our staff, who make up our ‘take-on team’, will come along to take photographs of your property inside and out (weather permitting!), so it’s helpful if you can tidy up and present your home as you would like it to be seen. They’ll need to take detailed measurements  that will form part of your brochure and web advertising. 

They will also discuss all the marketing practicalities such as the erection of a for sale board, viewing arrangements and whether you would like us to hold a key.

Draft sales particulars for your home will be prepared and sent to you for your approval. We do this so you can verify the content and make any changes if necessary. There’ll be a form to sign and return, confirming your approval before we go to print and if you make any changes we’ll get them sorted out immediately.

4. Developing interest in your property

As soon as you’ve approved your property details, they will be uploaded to our website and then onto Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla and other relevant property websites. Printed brochures will be ordered and advertising in the local press will be booked. All this activity is to create a big first impact on those looking to buy, as the best offers for your property are most likely to come along early in the marketing process.

Additionally, to make sure you have the best chance of selling, it’s important that any team members carrying out viewings and negotiating for you have also met you and seen your property. So we will arrange for those colleagues to come and see you, ensuring everyone has knowledge of what we are marketing. It’s then much easier to get viewings for you and answer any prospective viewer’s questions.

The team will also phone any serious buyers we have registered who are looking for a property in your price bracket, to let them know about your property and encourage them to view.

Valuing Your Property

1. Getting the information we need to arrange your valuation

Finding out accurately how much your property is worth is always critical, but especially in tougher markets, helping you move more quickly when you see the property you want to buy and avoiding any disappointment.

When you arrange to have a valuation with Millerson Estate Agents, there are a number of steps we’ll take you through before coming to see you and your property. Naturally, we want to make sure that we have all the correct contact details for you and the address of the property that you’d like valued.

We’ll also ask you for details about the property itself, for example the number of bedrooms, how large the garden is, how old it is and how long you’ve been there. We’ll ask when you’re looking to sell and whether you’ve found somewhere to move to. All these questions help us to do our homework before coming to see you, so we can value your home more accurately.

And assuming you’re moving within the area, we can make sure you’re kept up to date with any local properties coming onto the market in your price bracket, so you don’t miss anything.

2. Arranging your Valuation at a mutually convenient time

Once all the relevant information is in place, we’ll arrange a mutually convenient day and time for one of our valuers,  to come and see your property.

If the property is unoccupied you may want to arrange for us to have a key for gaining access, or if you’d rather be there personally but can’t, you could send a representative on your behalf. We would then contact you after the visit to discuss the property and value.

You’ll receive a letter confirming the appointment,  It’s a useful aide-memoire for you and reassures you about who will be coming, so you can feel comfortable opening the door to us.

You’ll need to allow about 1  hour for the valuation, depending on the size of the property, which ensures you’re given the time to ask any questions. We’re always very thorough at this appointment and try to give you all the information you need to make a decision.

3. We’ll do our research before your valuation

Prior to the appointment, we’ll do as much research as possible to give you the most accurate valuation. We’ll look at what similar houses to yours have sold for and what else is on the market locally. We can also use house price indices from  Land Registry and our own index to work out a current value, based on what you paid for it. Our own indexing is carried out on a quarterly basis by Robin King himself, using his own experience of the local market and his recording of local price fluctuations.

Having a valuation that you can trust not only guarantees you the best price for current market conditions, it also means that when your house is surveyed as part of your buyer's mortgage process, you can be reassured it's unlikely your property will be "down-valued" by the surveyor. This outcome will at best, cause your buyer to re-negotiate a lower price with you and at worst, can cause the entire purchase to fall through, causing you unnecessary cost in time and money, not to mention the stress. 

4. The Valuation Itself

When we visit your property, we’d like you to give us the guided tour, and point out any relevant aspects of the property, such as any work you may have had done, or anything that you think is important to mention.

Clearly you’ll want your home sold for the best possible price and with the least amount of stress! So we’ll demonstrate how Millerson will look after your sale, both in terms of finding a good buyer, as well as what you can expect from us in terms of customer service. We’ll also listen to your requirements for a property to buy, your motivations for moving and we’ll discuss how much it will cost you to move, so that you can plan ahead properly.

Once we understand what you are hoping to achieve from your move, we can tailor the marketing and pricing strategies to suit you best. More often than not, we’ll give you our suggestions there and then; usually we give a range of prices that we expect to achieve, along with a recommended asking price.

This is the point at which, if appropriate, we’ll suggest that you speak to a professional advisor to guide you through the mortgage market and advise you on the best deals out there.

5. We'll Confirm the Value within 48 hours

If, having visited your property, we feel the need to do further research, for example if you have an unusual or very individual property, we’ll make a second appointment with you. We’ll then give you our considered opinion of the value. You want the valuation to be as accurate as possible, that's why we need to go that extra mile.

After the appointment we’ll write to you within 48 hours to confirm the valuation figure and any other topics that we might have discussed at our meeting. Then one of our team will call you over the next few days to answer any further questions you may have and give you an indication of the level of interest we already have in properties like yours.

Viewings & Feedback

1. Accompanied Viewings that increase the likelihood of an offer

Viewing requests can come from any marketing activities, whether it be phoning out to buyers, enquiries from websites, for sale boards, newspaper adverts or buyers visiting our office. We’ll liaise with you on mutually convenient times for us to bring those viewers around.

It’s always best if no-one’s in the house when we come to do the viewing; prospective buyers prefer it and they will be more honest in giving their feedback. In fact it has been shown to increase the likelihood of an offer. Because this is the case, we endeavour to accompany every viewing, and indeed consistently achieve this for 90% of viewings. We won’t, however, jeopardise a sale by making a potential buyer wait too long, so when we’re unable to make an appointment, we’ll ask if you could do the viewing.

2. Giving you unique feedback on your property

After each viewing we ask for truthful feedback in order to build an accurate picture about how the market feels about your home. We can then help you and guide you in our recommendations should offers not be forthcoming.

Buying your home

1. Quality Property Details to give you the information you need

Estate agency has changed dramatically over the last decade. The growth of the internet and the adoption of other technologies into the industry has revolutionised the way property is sold. 

2. A Personal service to help you through the process

There is no substitute for the personal touch and we appreciate how difficult it can be to find your ideal home, especially if you are moving to a new area and with all the challenges that brings. 

With our experienced  teams we are able to give you the personal service to help you through the process and take the time to get to know your requirements. That is why we try and accompany your viewings and ask you for your detailed feedback.

Based on your requirements and your feedback, we will also suggest specific properties that we think could be perfect for you. 

These could include homes that are hot off the press, as well as some that you might have previously dismissed for various reasons. Some properties, for example, may have slipped your notice because they were not photogenic and yet have qualities that we believe may make them the ideal home for you.

3. How can you be sure you're paying the right price?

It is very difficult, even for property professionals, to value individual homes and that is why we have devised a detailed 3 method valuation system allowing us to judge this price more accurately. By using our detailed feedback scores we are constantly tracking and reviewing the market price. So, if you think one of our properties is too expensive - tell us, we want to know!