Why Millerson?

1. A level of outstanding communication and personal service means you might even enjoy the experience!

Estate agency has changed dramatically over the last decade. The growth of the internet and the adoption of other technologies into the industry has revolutionised the way that property is sold. But whilst these are important tools,we also believe personal service is paramount

With floor plans on all our brochures and on the internet, we make it easy for buyers to find your property, 24/7, anywhere in the world. We’ve come a long way from photocopied details with stick-on photos!

As mundane administrative tasks have become computerised, rather than reduce staff numbers, we have focused on the personal side of the process, improving service levels far beyond the norm for estate agency. Over 90% of our viewings are accompanied by a team member, with detailed feedback given to you within 48 hours. This is in addition to regular telephone and written communication.

2. Valuation advice that you can completely trust

We appreciate that, for most people, your property is not just your home but also the largest single investment you have and therefore getting the most out of this asset is important. Clearly, there is a balance between the speed of your sale and the price you achieve. Historically speaking, valuing your home has been considered an art, with most valuers just using experience and intuition.

So how do you know they have got it right? Unfortunately you don't. You may well have your own expectations, but are they realistic for the current market? Pricing it too high could lead to your home being on the market longer than necessary and achieving a lower price, whereas under valuing might achieve a quick sale, but could leave you tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Millerson, with almost 3 generations of valuing homes in this area, combining both the art and science elements of valuation with experience and now data from many historic sales, to give you a more accurate and reliable figure. Not only do we measure the accuracy of our valuations, but we are constantly monitoring what the market is telling us about the price of your home, which we then report back to you. This gives you the reassurance of knowing the correct price for your home in an ever changing market.

3. Better qualified buyers means much greater chance your sale will complete

We work hard to ensure that your property is constantly being presented in the best possible way to good quality prospective buyers and we encourage viewings from those buyers at every opportunity. In fact, a tremendous amount of effort, that's always going on in the background and that you’re probably not aware of, goes into finding you a buyer. By following proven systems and reacting quickly to changes in the market, we can make sure that you always have the best chance of selling. This goes for dealing with your buyers too, as we only want to introduce the best purchasers to your home, thus reducing the risk of a sale collapsing once it’s been agreed.