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Millerson's Land and New Homes Department is here to help you achieve your objectives and goal by providing the best advice and support in the prevailing marketplace. Our team will help to make the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible, conducting complex negotiations on your behalf.

At Millerson Land and New Homes we understand the complexities of the planning process and the issues that are likely to be raised by the relevant authorities in Devon and Cornwall. Our considerable experience and success dealing with contentious sites ensures that we are able to connect you with the best planning consultants, development financiers and architects to ensure that your application has the very best chance of success.

The Millerson team is incredibly proud of what we do and with whom we work, and our wide network of professional contacts enables us to provider a comprehensive and trustworthy service.

Contact us to arrange a confidential, no obligation discussion to explore the various options open to you.

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The scarcity of development land makes it potentially very valuable, but to navigate through the selling process and achieve maximum revenue requires expertise, knowledge and experience. Our Land and New Homes team has all of these, along with a successful track record. We can provide practical advice and support on all aspects of development land, from empty site through to completed project.

Brownfield, greenfield, existing farm buildings, or affordable housing lead schemes; we have extensive specialist knowledge of all of these and an understanding of the challenges that come with negotiating and consulting on land for development. No site is too big or small; we can advise you on anything from single garden plots through to larger sites for hundreds of houses.

We work closely with all the professionals involved including planners, architects, specialist solicitors and development finance experts. When you choose to work with Millerson you can rest assured that you will have the best team by your side to advise and negotiate for you all the way through to completion, and the best possible outcome for you

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